*********    Suzuki T500 big plate project and more coming end July   ***********    


About Us

About Us

When details make a difference

We have a variety of plates for your restoration of OLD vehicles .

They are only destined for replacement of damaged ones or for motorcycles special construction made by the buyers themselves.
Everyone at the moment of purchase assume the responsability of their country and states laws.
Our goal is mainly to give the possibility to restore the old motos with the small details that are no more in production and impossible to find them .

In most countries this plate is mandatory to apply on the frame beyond the year of production but in some countries are not for old motos .

This issue with others are for full responsability of the buyer to verify .

We offer the engraving OR embossing service but we maintain the freedom, in case of doubt, to ask for the photo of the frame number to match it with the frame number requested this is because we dont want  to be an easy way to have fraud plates.
We keep these information for authorities in case they ask for.