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Product Name : ARIEL

Product Code : AR01

Product Model : VIN PLATE

Product Size : 105 x 40

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Stock : 20

Price: USD36.00

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AVAILABLE  from 27 August 2013

Ariel 3 hp 1908 325cc
Ariel 3.5 hp 1913 499cc single-cylinder side-valve four-stroke
Ariel V-twin 1915 700cc
Ariel 4hp 1918 White and Poppe engine
Ariel Model D 500cc 1926 Four stroke OHV single
Ariel 557cc 1926-35 Side-valve singles Models A, B, SB, VA & VB
Ariel LB 1929-32 250cc side-valve
Ariel LF & LG 1929-32 250cc OHV Colt
Ariel 4F 1931-40 Square four cylinder engine in 500cc  1931-32 600cc 1932-40 versions
Ariel VH 1932-40 500cc OHV Red Hunter
Ariel NH 1932-40 350cc OHV Red Hunter
Ariel LH & OH 1934-40 250cc OHV Red Hunter
Ariel LF, LG, & OG 1934-40 250cc OHV "Colt"
Ariel VB 1926-35 598cc side-valve single
Ariel 4G & 4H 1937-40 "Square" four cylinder 995cc
Ariel W/NG 1940-45 350cc (Military)
Ariel KG & KH 1945 500cc parallel twin, later versions called the "Fieldmaster"
Ariel Square Four Mark I 1949-53 "Square" four cylinder 995cc
Ariel Square Four Mark II 1953-58 "Square" four cylinder 995cc
Ariel FH 1954 650cc parallel twin called the "Huntmaster" with BSA A10 engine
Ariel 350cc HT 1954 Trials special with competition frame
Ariel 500cc HT 1954 Trials special with competition frame
Ariel Leader 1958-1965 250cc two stroke
Ariel Arrow 1959 250cc sports version of Ariel Leader
Ariel Golden Arrow 1963 250cc
Ariel Arrow 1967 200cc reduced capacity to place it in lower road tax bracket
Ariel Pixie 1968 50cc BSA Beagle engine
Ariel 3 1969 Dutch Anker 50cc three wheeler


Anodized natural aluminum
ALU PLATE Size in mm : 105 x 40 mm.
Hole to hole 101 mm
Thickness 0.5 mm