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Product Name : Harley Davidson OEM 14289-94 decal

Product Code : Harley Davidson OEM 14289-94 decal

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DECAL (black/pale gold/dark red) Fits: FXD 1996

If you are interested in the product, contact us before buying, so as to have all the information for shipping and final cost.

Harley Davidson OEM 14289-94 decal  - 2 pieces decal-  in stock only 2 set (2 x 2 decals )

Never assembled, with original package.
He has been in a shop window for years.
It was produced in the 00s then 20 years ago with the technology of the time, therefore not to be compared to today's products.


Weight 0.070 kg, with shipping package approx 0,100 kg . So shipping cost 15$ enclosed
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