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Product Name : Harley-Davidson shovelhead FX FXE 66201-75A EXHAUST MUFFLER

Product Code : Harley-Davidson shovelhead FX FXE 66201-75A EXHAUST MUFFLER

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If you are interested in the product, contact us before buying, so as to have all the information for shipping and final cost.

Harley-Davidson Shovelhead FX FXE 66201-75A EXHAUST MUFFLER

The Shovelhead FX FXE 65201-75A EXHAUST MUFFLER is unpackaged, has never been assembled, and has only partially removed the dust (pic 1 the first photo with abundant dust).

The muffler, originally industrially chromed, does not have the perfect details as in the productions sold today.

You have to take this into account, at that time the bike was for traveling, not making shows.

However, it has some dots that we show in the photos, take this into account.

You buy a product of the time, new never used, but produced 45 years ago and remained in a warehouse in an old garage.

If you would like photos with specific details, please contact me and we will provide them.


Weight 5 kg, with shipping package approx 5 kg . So shipping cost Switzerland 10$ , Europe 35 EU,  Australia /USA/CA 65$ , (This is an approximation as the actual cost may be slightly lower)
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