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SOME NEW ENTRY ABOUT HARLEY DAVIDSON SPARE PARTS, you can see in Motorcycle Parts section


Posted Date : 11 Apr, 2021

News LETTERS 2021 April.
Finally here is this news Letter.
We have always had problems with sending and it was very difficult to contact our subscribers.
Now, thanks to some changes in the programs we can contact you.
If you do not want to receive our news anyway, just send an unsubscribe (below) and you will be removed from the list.

What's new.
Thanks to your suggestions we have been able to implement new products and modify others.
We are now working on 0.1mm thick aluminum labels for the restoration of Honda models.
The big problems are due to precision cutting, but we are working on it and hope for a solution soon.
The novelty at the moment is the receipts of Yamaha labels.
Certain types are available and now we await your reaction.

New entry:
Yamaha DT125 10V
Yamaha RD350 31K
Yamaha rd350 LC 1WT

These can be found in:

Thank you

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