*********    Suzuki T500 big plate project and more coming end July   ***********    


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Product Name : SANTEE

Product Code : SAN01

Product Model : Chopper Custom Plate frame

Product Size : 80 x 36 mm

Product Type :

Stock : 19

Price: USD36.00

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Print Data Over the Plate ?

Engraving ?

Engraving Cost : USD 12.80

Product Cost including Engraving : USD 48.80

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Product Description

All SANTEE Frame (old types and logo)

With all engine types
(Example Triumph, Honda Harley Kawasaki ecc)
Ideal for restoring old scool choppers


Aluminum label plate, ready to be engraved, for mounting on the frame of your bike.

Size in mm :

80 x 36 mm, thickness 0.5 mm