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Product Name : SLEEVER HEADLAMP 97-2510 97-2512

Product Code : SLEEVER HEADLAMP 97-2510 97-2512

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Price: USD120.00

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This piece is part of a certain stock of parts from an old garage to sell out.

The FRONT FORKS - SLEEVER HEADLAMP 97-2510 97-2512 is unpackaged, has never been assembled, and has only been cleaned of dust.

This part is assumed to be part of a complete fork (97-3902) used in some (missing) parts.

Some signs of aging, the black paint marked probably due to the movements between one shelf and another.

If you would like photos with specific details, please contact me and I will provide them.

We will put other pieces dating back to between 1970 and 90 stored in the warehouse.

Used parts will also be sold as soon as we identify them.

Parts by Triumph, Machless (AJS), BSA, Harley-Davidson.

Aftermarket parts from Zodiac, Paughco and more.

Remember that customs SALES TAX costs will be paid directly upon reception of the goods.

We declare exactly the cost of the goods, for us and for your safety. If it is damaged or lost during transport, you will be compensated for this declared sum.

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